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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  November 9, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PST

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the sound of hail and pounding rain create as restless sign for many people in the bay area. we're on -- we're -- we're on
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stormwatch this morning. >> reporter: it's been a cold and wet note for dozens and dozens of people who waited knight in san jose. we'll tell you what they are trying to get for their children. a bay area company embroiled in a scandal involving navy s.e.a.l. team six, government secrets and video games. "mornings on 2" begins right now. well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's friday, november 9th. we're on -- stormwatch this friday morning. the loud sound of hail, thunder and lightning may have caused you some sleep early this morning. our ktvu news crew took the pictures of the marble-sized
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hail falling in the east bay, something you would expect to see driving up to tahoe. our photographer took this on 880 in milpitas a few hours ago and there's slick highways everywhere you look in the bay area. so you should be especially careful heading to work. the chp spent hours cleaning up a traffic mess. on 880 in fremont. it was a bad crash that sent one man to the hospital with severe injuries. tara moriarty is in fremont where things are getting better out there. it was pretty bad out there? >> reporter: yes, it was. the good news, it's no longer raining. the road seems drive. we're here on 880 northbound. this is near the mission boulevard exit. this crash is a good reminder why you need to slow down. around 2:00 in the morning, the chp says the rain-slicked roads played a big factor in the roads. it appears the person driving a
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white sedan had a soro -- solo spinout and then the driver of the silver car crashed into the vehicle. the driver was ejected. he did suffer a massive head injury and was transported to the hospital. reportedly, he's in good condition. the chp had much of these -- much of these lanes shut down. they ran a traffic break for two hours. everything is back to normal. obviously you want to take it slow, especially with more rain in the forecast. live in fremont, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. time is 7:03. antioch police are investigating a deadly shooting overnight. they say a 44-year-old man was shot in front of a home on west 18th street at 8:30 last night. he managed to check himself into a hospital but died a
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short time later. no arrests have been made. anyone with any information about the shooting should contact police. in fremont, a warning for parents this morning, police are searching for a suspicious man, who any say approached a female student. police say the student from kennedy high school told them that a man has offered her a ride five different times during the past month. the latest incident happened wednesday near brier elementary school. police say the man was last seen in a suburban-like suv with a roof rack. anyone with information is asked to call police. time is 7:04. in a few hours, president obama will speak to the nation. the first time since being re- elected. the president will speak from the white house at 10:05 our time this morning. coming up for you at 7:15, the message the president is expected to give congress about how to avoid that so-called fiscal cliff. also this morning, john boehner
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will be holding his own news conference. that one is at 8:00. he's expected to sell us the republican position about avoiding that cliff. boehner said he's "the most reasonable guy in washington." he believes he can find common ground with the president. 7:04. they are still counting votes in florida from tuesday's election. but mitt romney's top campaign official in florida now says president obama will win the state. president obama leads romney in florida. the romney campaign in florida says it only expects the president's lead in the state to grow as more ballots are counted. president obama won the election even without florida's 29 electoral college votes. schools are scrambling to readjust their budgets after the passing of the proposition in california. schools will receive $14
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billion more over the next four years than they would have if the measure had failed. high-earning californians may have to recalculate their budgets. under prop 30, people making more than $250,000 a year will pay up to 3% more in income taxes than in previous years. that's retroactive. and the sales tax is going up .25. in a short while, some people will get extra help for the holidays. janine de la vega live in san jose where about 100 people camped out overnight in the rain and the cold. so janine, what are they waiting for? >> reporter: they are waiting for a holiday giveaway. it's cold out here. it's in the mid-40s. for these people waiting here, it's been a rough night. despite that they have camped out. they've had tarps and tents. some of them umbrellas.
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they are huddled up with blankets. a short while ago, volunteers started handing out coffee to warm some of these people up. they are all waiting to register for this holiday giveaway here at the sacred heart community. more than 250 people are waiting in line to receive help. some came at 11:00 and they huddled on the west side. they say it's worth it for them because they wanted to make sure their children got toys for christmas. the majority of people are not home les. many are -- homeless. many are struggling to find a job. others have jobs and are struggling to make ends meet. >> i'm a single parent. i don't make enough at work. i work two jobs and i don't make enough to buy them things for christmas. >> i've been here since 2:00 this morning. i gotta do what i gotta do, to make my children and my family happy. >> reporter: yesterday, volunteers unloaded crates of donated food at the nonprofit.
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sacred heard expects to serve 4,000 families this season. the boxes received will have food for a holiday meal. but a spokesperson says they only have four frozen turkeys and with thanksgiving two weeks away, they need more donations and they also say they are in need of toys for kids of all ages. back out here live, the doors open up in a half-hour at 7:30. then you will see this line starting to move. but if you want to get down here and you are looking for a holiday food box. they won't turn anyone away. where they are limited with the toys. that's why all of these people are waiting in line to make sure all of their children are left out. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:08. what's happening on highway 24? >> it's slow out there. we had a little problem this morning. a little bit of fog morned --
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moved in as well. it's foggy. that's what you are dealing with, that picture. this is a look at the decidedly unfoggy bay bridge toll plaza. it's not all that bad. it's backed up to the 880 crossing and then you will see the metering lites on the bridge -- metering lights on the bridge. hayward, slow traffic, southbound 0 at a street there is an accident on the -- southbound 880 at a street there is an accident. let's go to rosemary. a mix of clouds out there. depending upon where you are, you can be mostly clear and awfully cold. you could be dealing with a few scattered showers if you are over the south bay. as sal showed you, some areas dealing with patchy fog including areas near la fayette and napa. the scattered showers are tapering off. take a look at the satellite radar. you can see the storm swinging
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over california. that will continue with the unstable weather. we will see sunshine. we could also see sunshine thunderstorms. very cold, unstable weather. most of this is going to remain offshore. it definitely brings up the possibility of a few showers. it's 2:00 in the afternoon. it is partly cloudy skies. notice over the pacific. for your friday, partly cloudy skies. a few spotty showers in the forecast, perhaps a thunderstorm and cool conditions. 34 degrees in santa rosa, 2 degrees from the official freezing mark. 36 in napa. upper 30s in fairfield. 40s around the bay area. bring out the winter coat for the little ones as they head off to school this morning. it's gonna be chilly. upper 50s low 60s in the forecast for the afternoon. it will be a struggle in mountain view. in mountain view, 60 degrees for you. upper 50s in san francisco.
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upper 50s low 60s for the north bay. the inland east bay. there is the extended forecast. we'll be drying out by tomorrow. it will an cold, cold morning. early soccer games will definitely need to consider the cold air. upper 50s low 60s for the afternoon with mostly sunny skies. slightly warmer on monday. the next chance of rain coming our way on tuesday. back to you. >> thank you, rosemary. coming up on 7:11. happening now, i want to show you a live look at highway 50 and meyers where it's been snowing off and on for the last several hours. this is the major highway up to south lake tahoe. drivers who plan to travel there and this -- there this weekend will need chains. four-wheel drives are the only exceptions for the chain requirements. for up-to-the-minute conditions, head to
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click on the link at the top of the front page. you can also get the latest on mobile 7:11. a man was critically hurt in sonoma county after a tree fell on him. 33-year-old jared lasskit is an arborist. that's an expert on trees. he was in the process of moving a tree on a crane when it suddenly snapped in half and fell on him. lasskit was rushed to the hospital. cal/osha is conducting an investigation. the election may be over but not pork barrel politics. the disturbing site involving a pig found out a gop office in southern california. also, have to show you this -- a bizarre site. this is a shopping mall. what those men on motorcycles are doing and how it caused a lot of problems.
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there is no more heartbreaking a sight than the sad. the exposed. the public testament to unrealized potential
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in such epic proportion. conversely, there is nothing more glorious... than the last minute comeback.
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7:14. have to show you this -- a daring robbery in london. it looked like something from a movie. the video shows the robbers on motorcycles in a shopping center. stunned shoppers jumped out of the way. they had baseball bats and axes, got off the bikes, robbed a jewelry store. police later found the motorcycles abandon a couple of miles away. but still, no sign of the robbers. 7:15. new this morning from southern california, someone dumped a dead pig wrapped in a mitt romney t-shirt at a republican party campaign office in manhattan beach. the dead animal was found dead yesterday morning. police say the incident is being
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investigated. [ applause ] >> president obama got choked up wiping away tears as he thanked his campaign staff and volunteers at the chicago headquarters the day after winning the election. the president's campaign released this video. 7:15. well, president obama and congress now have just 53 days to avoid what many are calling economic calamity. alison burns in our washington, d.c. newsroom with more on what the president will be talking about this morning. alison? >> reporter: dave, president obama said during the campaign, the fiscal cliff was not going to happen. today, he makes his first post- election speech from the white house to outline how he plans to avoid it. the president has been back at the white house for just one full day. but on that day -- but on that day, the officials say the fiscal cliff and tax increases
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would push the economy into another recession and cause a jump in unemployment. on the campaign trail, the president made clear, he wants a deal with congress that includes tax reforms and new incentives for businesses that keep jobs in the united states. but he also wants tax increases on wealthier americans and republicans are consistently saying that's something something they are not going to -- that's something they are not going to consider. reporting live from alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. ktvu will bring you the president's speech this morning live right here on channel 2. again it's scheduled to begin at 10:05 this morning. we'll also live stream the president's speech on our channel 2 website, cute -- back here at home, a penalty phase for the man convicted of killing two people at the toll plaza.
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prosecutors want the death penalty for nathan burris. they say back in 2008, they sent a letter to his girlfriend warning he may be a threat to her. those fears came through on august 11th, 2009. that's when authorities say burris shot ross who is a tolltaker and killed her friend as well. ersey tv evert. death penalty ort supporters may soon be asking voters to help speed up the execution process. the group is considering its own budget. measure. it would require a single dose instead of the three-drug method that's been blocked by california votes for years. >> voters always play a role in terms of applying political pressure f we need to go back
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to the ballot again -- pressure. if we need to go back to the ballot again in 2014, that's a possibility. >> if it goes forward, it would appear on the 2014 ballot. a death inmate in ohio claims he should not be executed because he's obese. ronald post weighs more than 400 pounds. in a defense brief a doctor claims a lethal injection probably wouldn't work. jailers would have problems finding an iv and putting an iv in his legs and arms. post is calling a federal judge to call off an execution set for january. prosecutors argue the defense doctor did not even examine post. authorities, meantime, say they found a rare kind of drug lab during a drug raid. they found a drug lab that was producing an hallucinogen called dmt. this is the third dmt lab found
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in california. the first one was found here in the bay area. authorities seized heroin, meth, marijuana and weapons. three people were arrested and there may be more arrests ahead. 7:19. a massage parlor in san mateo county is closed this morning after an undercover officer said he was allegedly solicited for sex. the san mateo county sheriff's office says it has received several complaints about alleged prostitution at the asian spa massage parlor on woodside road. on tuesday, one of the workers was arrested for prostitution following an undercover operation and the business was shut down. >> i've been waiting to ask you, did the weather wake you up during the night? >> i think it did. >> i heard it. had the window open. but hail the size of marbles fell inside some parts of the bay area. will there be more of this? rosemary has your forecast next. good morning. highway 4 a little bit slow.
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we also have a crash in the east bay. we'll tell you more about that -- coming up.
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a ballot measure in berkeley is now ahead by just one vote in the latest results. measure t would allow more flexibility for development on unused lots in west berkeley. it was losing narrowly on election night and in an update on wednesday. but it's now leading 16,640 votes to 16,639 votes, just one vote ahead. and these are not the final results. there are still vote by mail and provisional ballots to be counted. 7:23. well, a city council candidate in kentucky found out the hard way that every vote counts. robert mcdonald finished in a dead heat on tuesday for the walton city council. both had 669 votes.
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walton said he probably would have won if his wife, katie, had voted. she never made it to the polls because she works the overnight shift. she was sound asleep. >> she's like, you have to be kidding me. she could tell by the look on my face what it was. yeah, should have woke you up. >> that's the way it is in kentucky. well, the fate depends on the toss of a coin. whoever wins they will be seated on schedule -- city council. there's speculation that after legallallizing the use of -- legalizing the use of marijuana could bring in more people to those states. the federal government which bans the use of marijuana is reviewing the issue and obviously federal law trumps state law. so still a lot of issues to be worked out. absolutely. let's go to sal. we have a new crash in oakland.
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>> where is it? >> in a bad spot right here at 880. we have a camera there. traffic is really slowing down. the traffic is in our view. the traffic could be backed up to san leandro if they don't get this problem out of the way. bay bridge toll plaza not too bad. it's backed up a little bit. but it looks like it could be a decent friday getting into the city. if you are drive on the nimitz freeway southbound, you will see some traffic on southbound 880 as you drive from fremont to hayward. it's turned out to be a good-looking start to the city. it's a chilly start. you see a few clouds drifting over. we still have the possibility of scattered showers in the forecast for your friday. just a word of caution. we're not in the clear just yet. we're watching a few sprinkles. for the most part we're in good shape at this hour. up over the sierra, down into
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the foothills. we still have the snow. this will continue into the afternoon. all of that rain and the thunderstorms that rolled through our area in the overnight hours. now that is heading to the sierra area. if you are headed into lake tahoe, it will last until 4:00 this afternoon. meanwhile, the temperatures outside our door near breeze -- near freezing over the north bay. widespread 40s around the north bay. as we get into the noontime, cool, 50s for your lunch hour and then into the afternoon, cooler than yesterday. upper 50s low 60s in the forecast for your friday afternoon. the weekend going to be dry. but going to run cool for this time of year. we're talking 30s in the forecast as we start the morning. upper 50s, low 60s with mostly sunny skies for the afternoon. monday, partly cloudy skies. mid-60s in the forecast. tuesday take a look at that. a chance for rain will return to our area. back to you. 7:26. a fire -- a fire races through a
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vacant home. what neighbors think sparked the flames. seven navy s.e.a.l.s in trouble this morning to for what they told this redwood city game company. the game that's gotten them in trouble.
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a video game that promises an authentic war experience may
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be too real for military officials. claudine wong is in redwood city with the story of navy s.e.a.l.s accused of leaking secret information for a popular video game. >> reporter: good morning. we're in front of electronic arts here in redwood city. this is the company that makes the game "medal of honor -- war fighter." it's a game they say is very realistic. so realistic that the seven navy are in trouble for help -- are in trouble for making it that way. the company said in a press release the game was made by actual tier 1 operators deployed overseas. it's supposed to allow users to experience the action. a tier 1 operator is a term used by the military to describe those involved in sensitive operations.
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in this case, the tier 1 operators are members of the unit credited for entering osama bin laden's compound last year. but the s.e.a.l.s did not ask the government before they talked and now seven of them have received letters of reprimand and will lose half of their way for two months. the deputy issued this statement -- >> reporter: apparently, all s.e.a.l.s sign a nondisclosure agreement and people we talked to this morning say if they knew the rules, they should have followed them. >> i think that when you join the military, essentially you are under the rules. it's in -- it's sort of an accepted form of savory. you go in there, they tell you
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when you get up in the morning, what you will eat and how you are going to do it. if you want to play the game and play by the rules and they accepted the rules. i think maybe slightly an overreaction. i think these guys are slightly brave and heroic. but they have to apply -- play the rules like everyone else. >> reporter: there is also a book that a navy s.e.a.l. wrote that the pentagon has said violated that same nondisclosure agreement. they are still weighing their legal options about what to do about that. we should mention, however, there is a movie come out about the raid on osama bin laden's compound. the big difference, it's been done with the pentagon's blessing. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 7:32. renovations may have sparked a large house fire in san francisco. around 7:00 last night, flames shot out of the roof of the home on fernwood drive, not far
7:33 am
from san francisco state university. part of the roof caved in making it unsafe for firefighters to enter the home. it had been vacant for years after the death of its owner. a contractor just bought the house and resumed renovations a few weeks ago. >> this house was on fire like i've never seen before. it was the most frightening thing i've ever seen t was unbelievable how hot and bright it was. >> reporter: neighbor the -- >> neighbors speculate the fire may have been spotted with the roof repairs -- repairs. the bad weather overnight caused problems in san francisco. lightning may have flocked out three separate transformers in the noe valley area. last word, 100 customers still have no power. mo word yet from pg&e about when the power will be restored. power outages happen a lot on the islands in the san francisco bay and that probably won't be changing any time soon and the residents don't like
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it. brian flores is in our newsroom now to tell us about power problems on yerba buena and treasure island. >> residents and businesses have been dealing with it for years. it appears it will continue into more years unless a transition happens. now we have the numbers to show it and we have the video as well. this morning when we were there, the island was pitch black. only a few street lights and the fire station looked to have power. this morning there were no official numbers. but there is a report out that is filed with the city public utilities commission sa that's -- that says power on the island goes out once a week four hours at a time. it says, power has gone offline at least 42 times between treasure island and yerba buena line. the power is the aging lines, not pg&e, is in charge of keeping up the lines. they say it's a tedious process, especially dealing with the salt coming off the
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bay, birds present a problem and tree branches as well. the city says they are doing everything they can. but officials say when the island is turned otherrer to the city -- over to the city. a small citizens group has filed a request to turn over complaints back from 2009 and businesses and residents say they have backup generators onhand because they know the power goes out consistently. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, brian. coming up on 7:35. oakland police are looking for a man who they say tried to kidnap a 14-year-old girl. this is a sketch of the suspect. investigators say he tried to pull the girl into a waiting truck on 103rd avenue and international boulevard. this happened on monday. the girl was able to its cape and ran home. the truck is described as a newer model -- red pickup truck. 7:35. new jersey governor chris christie says power should be
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back on by sunday for hundreds of thousands of superstorm sandies. the utility companies say they -- sandy. the utility companies say it may take another week for that. in the meantime, there is a new gas rationing system in new york city and long island. they are trying to cut back on the long lines. drivers can only fill up every other day. police are at those gas stations enforcing the new ravening laws -- rationing laws. it looks like the flights are a bit friendlier. flights are on time at sfo. no grounding. there were some storm-related cancellations yesterday but a lot fewer than the day before. 7:36. well, several inches of new snow fell in the sierra overnight and with the start of the ski season about a week away. brian hickey is joining you us live from north star. it looks like you are toasting
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a couple of marshmallows, brian. >> reporter: yes. we're warming up for window. i just burned my first marshmallow. we're out here at north star. take a look at what fell. it turned out to an quick shot, a potent shot of snow. but the good news, it's getting us off to a good start. you guys are opening when? >> a week from today. >> reporter: perfect. nice and cold, get the snowmakers going. >> yeah, absolutely. it will be -- we'll be making snow all weekend. >> reporter: nothing gets you better ready than a film. we're gonna show you a video of aspensking. what was it like to snow ski? >> it was awesome. a lifetime experience. it was amazing. >> reporter: as we watch you ski, i have no doubt it will be the first of many ski films you will be in.
7:38 am
what's it is -- what's it like skiing out there? >> it's awesome skiing. i love hanging out with my friends and especially at tahoe in california. >> reporter: we're in california, indeed. certainly, some great powder. i hope we'll continue to get powder like this. you are a veteran and then up in alaska. you come back year after year for the films. >> it's fun for me to do it and watching kids like him ripping it. i had some good times last year skiing with some friends in colorado, alaska and -- yeah. now we're here in tahoe. it feels like winter. it's cold out. single digitses this morning -- digits this morning. we get to watch warren miller get fired -- get fired up and
7:39 am
make some turns. >> reporter: i know everybody is ready, especially after last year not being that great -- that great of a year. the warren miller film, dumbing our way, san francisco on the 16th and 17th. nothing gets you fired up for winter other than snow like the miller movie. >> i love the name aspen, he has to grow up being a ski, i suppose. >> wow. 7:39. let's go to sal. latest on that crash in oakland. what do you know? >> well, you know, it's still there dave and tori. northbound as you drive up to high street. now they are clearing it but the traffic is really bad coming up to oakland now out of san leandro. i would suggest using 580. it won't be as bad as 880. i let you know when that clears. right now i would avoid 880. southbound looks good. westbound bay bridge, that traffic is backed up a to the
7:40 am
parking lot. pleasant hill, walnut creek, concord, 680 traffic, moderately heavy let's go to rosemary. good morning to you. what a beautiful view. i think -- i'm blocking the golden gate bridge for you. we have blue skies. we have clouds. those clouds could bring us the possibility of scattered showers and that sunshine will only aid in the instability. so thunderstorms still a possibility. you can see from the satellite radar, fairly dry across the region. but the partly cloudy motely clear skies have a -- mostly clear skies have allowed things to cool off. temperatures along the north valley floor sinking in the 30s and remaining at this time. the cooling continues. at this hour, 10 to 15 degrees below. in the afternoon, we'll be cool. for the weekend, we have frost concerns as we start the day. the temperatures are expected to sink back in the 30s. a dry forecast with mostly
7:41 am
sunny skies and cool afternoons in store for saturday as well as sunday. take a look apartment the temperatures here. notice the darker shade of blue from novato into santa rosa all the way into clearlake, widespread, low to mid-30s. 36 in napa. upper 30s in fairfield along the bay area, the east bay as well as the peninsula, widespread 40s, low 40s in areas near concord and over livermore. forecasted highs upper 50s, low 60s, quite a difference from early this week. we went from a taste of summer to now a taste of winter for your friday. 61 walnut creek. down into the south bay, 60 for sunnyvale. the peninsula gonna be cool. san mateo, 59. 61 for you palo atoll. -- palo alto. the extended forecast, the weekend is dry. afternoon highs, not so warm. upper 50s, low 60s. mid-60s by monday and then the chance for rain returns to our area on tuesday. we've managed to accumulate
7:42 am
some of this rain the last 24 hours. i will show you those numbers coming up. >> thank you, rosemary. the future of education, the next big thing that technology could provide students and how the bay area can play a big role. 11,000 refugees in the past 24 hours. where the syrians are going and is there any end in sight.
7:43 am
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it's the end of the road for an x factor hopeful right here in the bay area. >> the act with the lowest number of votes and who is going home tonight is -- jason
7:45 am
brock. >> yeah, jason brock of san francisco's inner richmond district eliminated last night on the x factor after getting the lowest number of votes. jason's last performance was bonnie tyler's total eclipse of the heart. he's live from los angeles with us this morning to talk more about the competition and what's next. you are still the man, you still feel like the man? >> hey dave! yes, i do! and hello, san francisco! i love you all! i miss you! i'm coming home tonight! i feel great. i was sad last night because i didn't get selected. i was in the bottom two and i got the lowest number of votes because the judges couldn't decide whether to send me home or not. i got sent home. i made it to the top 12 or 13 depending upon how you look at it.
7:46 am
>> tell me about that, i mean being told you are in the bottom 2 how does that feel? >> it feels horrible. oh, my god. i mean, i -- i i wanted to -- i wanted to die on stage. i was sad but then i had to sing. like as soon as i heard i was in the bottom two, okay, now you are gonna sing and both me and cc felt that sinking feeling. it was like pull it together and do this performance. and -- >> go ahead. go ahead. >> reporter: i sang to the judges, i was really pleading to gem -- with them trying to connect to -- trying to connect with them and i was making eye contact with simon and he totally looked away. >> i was gonna ask you about that. simon and demi voted against you. how does that feel? >> sad. i didn't expect demi to vote for me. i couldn't see her going against her own team so -- but
7:47 am
simon i thought maybe. but no, no. he didn't want to go for me. >> bottom line, you still have a lot of fans. a lot of people love you. you have your fans here. so the overall experience, how has it changed your life? >> oh, my gosh! it's changed my life so much. i could have a -- i do have a lot of fans. and san francisco has been so supportive of me. it's crazy and people recognize like over the place and -- you know, i got a future ahead of me. i want to do a talk show, an ail bull. it -- album. a talk show maybe called "jason" maybe "jason in the morning." >> we wish you the best. i appreciate your making the time for us. even though you were voted off, much success to you jason brock. >> thank you, dave! >> see you when you come back
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here. >> yes. thank you! >> you can watch the x-factor right here on channel 2. it airs every wednesday 8:00 p.m. after opening, lower stocks are trying to edge slightly higher a new report shows consumer sentiment rose to the highest level in more than five years. investors are waiting for comments from president obama. the dow lost more than 400 points over the last few sessions due to fears about the fiscal cliff. the dow is up 24. the nasdaq is up, 17. s&p is up 6. the san francisco-based company tap joy is expanding -- tap joy's is expanding its reach. right now, tap joy's makes money by giving video game players access to extra content if they agree to view extra ads. they deliver ads to 100 million mobile devices a month. now it wants to make a similar
7:49 am
move to online publications and tv. the business times report that says the future may depend on apps that help student with the best schools for them or help them find a tutor. also in the mix are online classes. new this morning, u.s. lawmakers are said to be working on some new sanctions aimed a -- aimed at blocking iran. this is the latest development in the stand off over iran's nuclear program. the new sanctions would target, agricultural, industrial and consumer goods imported by iran. that could cripple the basic functioning of iran's -- of iran's economy. deadly conflicts are still going on in syria. that has a lot of people
7:50 am
fleeing syria. the united states says 11,000 syrians have left for other countries in the past 24 hours alone. they are fleeing to turkey, lebanon and jordan. the u.n. the number of people needing help could hit 400 million by the independent of the year -- by the end of the year. secretary of state, hillary clinton, talked about chris stevens last night in washington. >> chris stevens was an inspiration to all who served with him and knew him during his life. >> chris stevens was post hume mewously awarded -- post hume
7:51 am
muously -- post homoucsly awarded -- posthomously awarded and there is his sister accepting it for him right there. a husband and wife rushed to the hospital. thousand their car was smashed in the east bay.
7:52 am
7:53 am
welcome back. amazon is selling wine in washington, d.c. and 12 states including right here in california. amazon has more than 1,000 waynes available. they range in price from less than ten bucks a bottle to more than 100. shipping will cost $10 for up to six bottles. priceline has negotiated a deal. it's a big one, for itself.
7:54 am
the company will buy kayak software corporation for $1.8 billion. you will be able to compare prices on hundreds of different sites. the deal still has to be approved by kayak's shareholders and by government regulators. 7:53. it's unclear if weather caused a late night crash in oakland. a car slammed into a tree on highway 13 near the broadway terrorist onramp -- near the broadway onramp. investigators say the driver was trying to avoid hitting a
7:55 am
deer and that's when the truck went over the embankment. i heard reports it flipped over like 25 times. >> wow. that's amazing. coming up on 7:55. sal, you are still watching 880, aren't you? >> we are. and we have good news, dave. we've been watching it for the last few because of the crash on high steed -- high street. that crash is cleleared but traffic is a little bit slow. but it's beginning to look a little bit more like normal traffic right here as poped to what it was -- as opposed to what it was liking like -- what it was looking like. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that's improved. there is a little bit of friday light here. it's backed up to the middle of the parking lot. and the commute on the nimitz freeway southbound, we had some traffic. 101 is slow from 280 to sunnyvale. let's go to rosemary. good morning to you. cold pool of unstable weather
7:56 am
in the forecast today. meanwhile, most of us waking up with beautiful sky skies. giving you a live look over the skies at mount hamilton. the radar picked up snow there. 36 degrees right now in santa rosa. 47, san francisco. 46 in san jose, it is a -- it is a cold start over there at the north bay valley. widespread, mid-30s with partly sunny and partly cloudy skies. look at the satellite radar. you can see for yourself as that system moves over california. as it does, it will remain for us bringing us the possibility of partly cloudy skies. and the possibility of scattered showers with thunderstorms. definitely a possibility as well. temperatures will remin on the cool side. here is look at the rainfall for the last 24 hours. a few 100ings. san francisco, picked up almost .25 there. there's your extendedp forecast.
7:57 am
temperatures at this hour. 10 to 15 -- there's your extended forecast. temperatures at this hour, 10 to 15 degrees cooler. you will feel that getting out this morning. it's awfully chilly. as we get into the weekend, it is going to be a cold -- cold. slightly -- going to be cold. slightly warmer starting next week. dry conditions expected through the weekend. by tuesday, the next chance of rain will move in. >> thank you. 7:57. from silicon valley to the nation's capital. the two high tech executives reportedly being considered for a post on president obama's cabinet. >> reporter: a serious car crash in fremont leaves one man in the hospital fighting for his life. we'll tell you why the chp says the weather was partly to blame. at this hour, hundreds of people in san jose are eagerly
7:58 am
waiting in line to get into a building. we'll tell you why they waited in the cold and rain overnight when "mornings on 2" continues
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it's friday, it's another 9th. we're starting with the overnight bay area storm. you saw it. you felt it. while it is clear and sunny now, that overnight storm caused a big mess, particularly in the east bay. tara moriarty is in fremont with the details of an injury crash that happened on 880. tara? >> reporter: this crash is sa reminder of why you should really slow down when the roads are wet. we're here off 880 northbound. right now, everything is dry and the sun is shiping but it wasn't like that at 2:00 this morning. the chp says the rain-slicked -- rain-slicked roads really played a big factor in this crash. a vehicle crashed and another vehicle crashed into that
8:01 am
person. the sedan driver was found outside of his car when the chp arrived. we're not sure if he was ejected or got out of the car after the initial impact. he did suffer a massive head injury and was transported to the hospital. he's reportedly in critical condition. the chp issued a sig-alert, most of these lanes were shut down. they ran several traffic breaks for several hours. everything is back open. just a reminder, the next few days, we'll see some rain and the first start of the rain, the oil and the water really create slick conditions. live in fremont, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. well, you can hear it. you can see it. the sound of hail and pounding rain woke a lot of people up during the night. relyame down in the middle of the night. this is some video shot in oakland. something -- something you probably expect to see in tahoe. the roads were iced over. hail was the size of marbles.
8:02 am
and a ktvu photographer took this video. this is a couple of hours ago. the chp is warning we still have slick highways pretty much throughout the bay area. so be very careful driving. if you are heading to work where wherever you have to go. john boehner is about to hold a news conference in washington, d.c. this is a live picture of the room where that news conference will happen. he's expected to lay out the republican position on avoiding the so-called fiscal cliff, the automatic tax increases and spending cuts, set to take effect at the end of the year if congress does not act. now, president obama will outline his position in a speech to the nation scheduled for 10:05 this morning at the white house. and coming up at 8:15, the message, the president is expected to give congress this morning. two bay area technology
8:03 am
executives are reportedly being considered as replacements for timothy geithner in president obama's second term. according to politico, eric schmidt and facebook chief operating officer cheryl sand burg are both on the list for possibles. geithner has said he wants to step down. president obama appointed schmidt to his adviser on science and technologies and if elected, sandburg would become the first ever female treasury secretary. happening right now -- some people who need help in san jose are getting some extra help for the holidays. ktvu's aglive in san jose where more than -- ktvu's janine de la vega is live in san jose where over a00 dread people camped outovernight. and i understand they are going -- out overnight and i understand they are going
8:04 am
inside now. >> reporter: yes. that's right. that's a relief to these people who have been standing in line in the cold, some of therm karned out overnight in the rain. now they are happy that soon they will be able to go inside. now, nearly 300 people have been waiting in line this morning which stretches down the block near first street. they huddled together with their blankets and cold. these parents are all waiting to register to get toys for christmas. some are single parents. others have been laid off. others have two jobs that can't make ends meet. some say they are grateful to get help because without it, the holidays would be sad. >> what is that one christmas -- it's like a blue christmas without santa claus? and i think that's what it would be for the kids. my grandchildren are young, they are like 3 and under. the adults can go without but kids cannot. >> reporter: this is video of crates of donated food being proud into sacred heart.
8:05 am
this will all -- this will be used for -- being brought into sacred heard. this will be used for thanksgiving and they only have four turkeys left and with two weeks away for thanksgiving, they are really counting on people to donate. they expect to serve 4,000 families. if you would like to -- if you would like to help out and donate money, food or toys, you can go find more information on our website at and click on webb links. back out here live. you can see again, the line is -- right now it is at a stancestill. so far they've had at least 15 or 20 people go through the lines and register. but it's gonna be a long day at sacred heart. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 8:05. drivers will have to wait a few years before seeing improvements to a notorious freeway interchange in the south bay. a groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for 10:00 this
8:06 am
morning for 280/880 interchange project. crews will work on the stevens creek overpass and add another route from valley fair into 880. there will be a flyover ramp linking 880 to 280, the $62 million project should be finished by 2015. i've gotten stuck in that mess. it's not pretty. >> i know they are waiting for it. let's go to sal. you are watching the dumbarton bridge. everything okay? >> it's a little bit slow getting there. i want to show it to you. the dumbarton bridge traffic is slow all the way back to 880. once you get on the span, it looks good but i think the san mateo bridge is a pretty good alternate for you if you want to use it instead of the dumbarton, because for a lot of people, that traffic is winding down. 880, that traffic will be slow. if you look at the santa clara valley, it's been a little better than normal. 101 is still slow getting into
8:07 am
sunnyvale. let's go to the toll plaza which is lighter than usual as well and that's backed up for a short delay into san francisco and we look at san francisco. northbound 101 coming up to theian town area is looking -- coming up to the downtown area is looking good. good morning. that's an interesting shot quite pretty out there. we have clouds, a mix of blue sky, rain and snow still falling, unsettled weather in the forecast for your friday. and to boot, we're very, very cold in some cases. take a look at the satellite radar here. i put a six-hour time lapse here because it was between 1:30, 2:00 when we really felt and heard the rain and the thunderstorms rumble overhead. it has since passed off and moved into the sierra where we're seeing additional snow. in the meantime, we've cleared out pretty good. the scattered showers tapered off the last few hours. and we continue to see the rain, snow and the mix down into the foothills this morning. placerville, sits right about
8:08 am
2,000 feet. if you are heading this direction. maybe a morning drive, be prepared because the winter weather advisory still in place through 10:00 this morning. if you are headed to the take, the lake tahoe area until 4:00 this afternoon, and the snow levels are quite at this time. temperatures are quite low. 30s over parts of the north bay valley. 37 in santa rosa. 39 in napa. this is an improvement. these numbers are actually climbed. but still struggling to get out of the 30s and still quite chilly. widespread 40s outside your door if you are in fairfield. down into the bey, 40s. upper -- someone into the south bay, 40s -- down into the south bay, 40s. 58 for petaluma. 59 san rafael. 58 in sausalito. 60 in danville. partly cloudy skies. scattered showers will remain in the forecast. 61 san jose. 61 cupertino, we have a very cold, unstable air mass in place for the afternoon.
8:09 am
59 san mateo. 57 san francisco. mid-50s for you this afternoon. the extended forecast there as we get into the weekend, we will be dry but we're going to be quite cold as we start the -- as we start the morning. widespread 30s around the region. as we get into the afternoon, the temperatures will climb back in the upper 70s. still running cool. getting into monday. mid-60s. the next storm makes its way toward the bay area. back to you. thank you, rosemary. a private catholic school in san jose caught fire early this morning. the fire at st. thomas moore school broke out around 1:00 a.m. the school is on south white road in east san jose. fire officials say they had the one-alarm fire under control pretty quickly. they are still investigating what caused the fire in the first place. it took three hours but firefighters managed to put out a big fire at a tobacco store. this lapped in -- hatched in los angeles county.
8:10 am
the -- happened in los angeles county. the fire started near the burbank airport. fire frills say -- fire officials say the flames were initially intense that crews could not get inside the building. the roof collapsed and the building appears to be a total loss. no word on what caused this blaze. 8:10. by the end of this month, a list will come out -- and the fire stations will esclod -- will be closed in contra costa county. four stations will be closed in january. two more next july. now, officials met yesterday with county supervisors will which of the -- about which of the fire stations will close. on tuesday, on election day, a parcel tax would have filled a $16 million gap. did not get. two-thirds vote needed to pass. >> it would absolutely break our parties. they are a nice group of people, especially here at this station. >> it cost about $2 million a year to operate each fire station. in the meantime, a $10,000 donation will help a peninsula
8:11 am
fire department stay on the cutting edge. the menlo park fire department will provide each of their fire engines with an ipad. the fire chief says the ipads can give those crews mapping and billing information as they head to an emergency. the technology also let's the -- let's them evaluate each incident they come across. >> the donation is coming from several insurance companies. coming up on 8:11. it's nearly time to start making those holiday dining plans and why this could be a great time for bay area crab lovers. and new worries about the clippard cards. [ female announcer ] welcome, one and all, to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor. a feeding frenzy, to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving. there's fresh, natural, frozen, whatever your craving. spend $25, and get a frozen safeway turkey for 59 cents a pound.
8:12 am
or spend $25, and a frozen butterball turkey, just 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life.
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8:14 am
chilly unsettled weather will settle in. we're looking at cool conditions. partly cloudy skies. i will have a look at your latest numbers -- coming up. 8:13. new this morn, federal officials just dropped the sex abuse investigation against former syracuse assistant basketball coach bernie fine. last year several students claim fine abused them from the 1990s to 2002. well, a federal prosecutor says there's no proof of the claims of one of the men. allegations made by two of the men occurred too long ago to be prosecuted. and a third man claimed he
8:15 am
lied. the race for the district supervisor is still too close to call. according to the city's department of the elections, controlly is only ahead of norman yee by a few votes, as you can see. there are still 72,000 ballots to be sowned -- counted. the winner will replace shawn elsburn. president obama will make his first post election speech from the white house at 10:05 this morning. as alison burns reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom, the led will call on -- the president will call on americans to help address the fiscal looming in just 53 days. >> reporter: and we'll be hearing from john boehner any minute now. president obama and congress at leaders still seem miles apart when it comes how to deal with
8:16 am
the looming tax increases and across the board federal spending cuts that kick in at the end of next month. but yesterday, a report from the congressional budget office warned if there is no action, the economy would be forced back into a recession next year and unemployment would jump from -- jump 29.1% by the fall from 7.9% to date. president obama who has been back at the white house for one full day wants a deal that includes an overhaul of the tax system with tax increases on wealthier americans. the house speaker john boehner reported this week he's unwilling to consider any tax increases. however, he did say in an independent view yesterday, he's the most reasonable person in washington and the president knows it. democrats are hoping president obama will take a hardline during his speech this afternoon. but the white house is emphasizing he will be bringing a message of the need to
8:17 am
cooperate. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:16. ktvu will carry the president's speech this morning live right here on ktvu channel 2. again, it's scheduled to start at 10:05 a.m. we'll also live stream the president's address on our channel 2 website, the board president of the morago school district abruptly resigned less than a day after being reelected. dexter louie's resignation is effective immediately. but the reason why, it's unclear. he missed a meeting for special reasons and he reportedly recused himself from another meeting. trustees are expected to discuss filling his position next week. privacy concerns are growing for computers -- commuters who use clipper cards. the clipper cards -- the kipper cards hold onto a person's
8:18 am
information for seven years. well, twitter says it's sent out e-mails for everyone that's been expected by a bigger-than-necessary resetting of passwords. twitter says a hacker got into the account and they reset that password as well as others. twitter won't say how many were reset but they are apologizing for the inconvenience to users. it's not even thanksgiving but the postal service wants you to start thinking about your holiday cards and packages now. monday, december 17th is expected to be the busiest day to mail gifts and letters so they make it to their this destinations before christmas and december 22nd is the last day to send express mail that needs to arrive christmas day. plan to mail your packages before those days to avoid the biggest crowds at the post
8:19 am
office. expect more traffic jams in livermore today and throughout the weekend. police say as many as 100,000 people could visit the new paragon outlet mall through sunday. yesterday's grand opening attracted thousands looking for some of the four-day opening specials. the big rush not only created lines outside the stores, it also created huge backups on interstate 580 for the el charo offramp and that was happening in -- in both directions. university of california students promise to stage another protest against tuition hikes next week at a uc regent's meeting. ♪ >> now, yesterday, dozens of students walked out of school at uc berkeley. they want the university to roll back tuition, now that proposition 30 has passed. prop 0 is expected to save under-- prop 30 is expected to
8:20 am
save undergrad students from fee hikes. regents will core raising tuition for grad students next -- will consider raising tuition for grad students next year. if you bought bagged sin itch, you may want to -- spinach you may want to throw it out. nine-ounce bags are being recalled in 17 states including here in california. the affected spinach has a use by date of november 7th. so far, we haven't heard of anyone getting sick. but we'll keep watching. meantime, nestle is recalling some of its nesquik chocolate powder for possible contamination. the recall drink powder was sold in 10.9 ounce, 21.8 ounce and 40.7 ounce canisters all over the city. they were sold in early october. there are no reports of any illnesses related to that recall. but again, it's something else we'll keep an eye on. california gas prices have slipped below the $4 threshold.
8:21 am
it's the first time since february prices have been that low. today, the price is $3.90. exactly one month ago, california drivers paid a record $4.67 a gallon. of court, there is astill -- of course, there's still some stations in the bay area where you are paying over $4. there is a forecast of continuing decline. the reason, they expect global oil markets to loosen as supplies slightly outstrip demand. more awards this morning for some san francisco giants. buster posey has won the silver slugger award as the national league's best offensive catcher. posey has already won the comeback player of the year and could still win the nl mvp award. meanwhile, barry zito won the hutch award given to the player who shows the on and offfield
8:22 am
honor and dedication of fred hutchinson. and billby bean has been voted the -- billy beane has been voted the baseball expectative of the year for -- executive of the year. beane won the award in 1999 as well. he's won it twice now. >> congratulations to them all. 8:21. a new same-sex marriage controversy. the post-election comments by san francisco's archbishop that made some people really mad. rain, hail, snow. we had some unsettled weather overnight. more could be on the way. our meteorologist rosemary is watching the forecast for us. we're seeing some improvement. the fog has lifted. a little bit of slow traffic as you drive toward orinda. ic a
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
san francisco's newly appointed catholic archbishop has ignited new controversy. he called november 6th "a disappointing day for marriage." he was referring to victories for same-sex marriage in maine, maryland, minnesota, and washington state. in a statement, he went on to say "marriage needs to be strengthened, promoted and defended, not redefined." one blogger fired back writing
8:26 am
"maybe people should be talking about drinking and driving," referring to his dui. he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of reckless driving. many of the world's top surfers have been waiting for today, the window for the maverick surf contest opens today. the big wave competition gives contestants 24 hours' notice to arrive at half moon bay to serve -- to surf some of the biggest waves in the world. the contest has not been held because of the -- for the last few years because they didn't have big enough waves. the waiting period continues through march 31st. this holiday season could have a lot of fresh crab here in the bay area. the sport crab fishing season is just getting underway and party boat cappens are seeing full crab pots. that looks good! the commercial season starts next week and those fishermen say the party boat reports are a good stein.
8:27 am
the only obstacle -- good sign. the only obstacle they see now is they haven't agreed on a full price. coming up -- we'll talk about a fire that raced through a house in san francisco. look at the pictures. we will tell what you neighbors saw and heard out there and what they think started this fire. >> reporter: and seven navy s.e.a.l.s in trouble this morning. how they helped a video game company here in the bay area that got them into the hot -- that got them into the hot water. p that's when "mornings on 2" comes back. i can't stand these spots.
8:28 am
8:29 am
those spots are actually leftover food and detergent residue that can redeposit on your dishware during the rinse cycle. gross. jet-dry rinse agent helps wash them away so the only thing left behind is the shine. jet-dry rinses away residues for a sparkling shine. happening right now in washington, john boehner holding this news conference. he's speaking now. let's listen in. >> allow us to enforce the laws
8:30 am
and fix a broken immigration system. but again, on an issue this big, the president has to lead. i think members on both sides of the aisle want to resolve this issue. the president is gonna have to lead here. i'm not gonna get into any of the details of how you would get there. it's just time to get the job done. [the question is inaudible] >> it sounds like you are setting the framework for next year. but now you need to deal with sequestering and getting the medicare problem -- [inaudible] >> i would rather not get into that. i don't want to limit the options that would be available to me or limit the options that would be available to the white house. there are a lot of ways to get
8:31 am
there. and i don't really want to -- preclude anyone who might have a good idea of how we move forward. but it's clear we have to fix our broken tax system and deal with our spending problem. >> we're listening live to house speaker, john boehner holding his news conference in washington about the big issue of the fiscal cliff that's approaching. president obama will be speaking at 10:05 this morning, also speaking about ways that the white house and congress should work together to avoid that fiscal cliff. again, ktvu will bring that to you live as well. but we wanted to dip in and hear a little bit about what the speaker of the house was saying. 8:31. well, docked pay and letters of reprimand, some navy s.e.a.l.s
8:32 am
are being reprimanded -- claudine wong is working on this it now. we'll eight get back to her. construction work may have started this big house fire. it happened overnight in san francisco. it started at 7:00 last night at this house on fernwood drive. this is near san francisco state university. part of the house caved in. so it wasn't safe for firefighters to go in. a contractor bought the house and then resumed renovations on it a couple of weeks ago. >> my daughter came running into the kitchen screaming do you know what's going on out there? i could feel the intense heat on mine face t was out of control. >> some neighbors saw this. they are speculating the roof remares may have started this
8:33 am
-- repairs may have started this fire. some residents living on and near treasure island say they are pretty fed up with. -- with the power going out. as brian flores tells us this problem may be not going away for quite sometime, right, brian? >> reporter: yeah, you are exactly right, dave. residents and businesses have been dealing with it for years. it will continue until a -- unless a transition happens. there is a report filed with the public commission saying power on the island goes out at least once a week four hours at a time. they also say power has gone offline at least 42 times between treasure island and yerba buena island. the problem is the aging power lines. they say it's a feed just process -- it's a tedious process. the city says they are doing everything they can. but officials say until the island is completely and officially turned over to the city and there's more
8:34 am
development, these outages could remain an issue for years. meanwhile, a small citizens group has filed a request for the city to turn over power outage complaints to the public dating back to 2009. because of the amount of power outages, several residents and residents have -- and businesses have backup generators because they know the power goes out a lot and they also say that could be a public safety issue. brian floors, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. some navy s.e.a.l.s are under fire for exposing some video games. claudine wong has more on what the pentagon found. >> reporter: good morning, tori. here's what appeared happened -- the electronic company here wanted to make a video game "medal of honor" and they wanted to make it realistic. so they paid navy s.e.a.l.s to be consultants, seven of them. bell, the pentagon says those
8:35 am
s.e.a.l.not ask permission before doing this and now their careers may pay the price. ♪ >> reporter: the game was just released last month and when it was, the company actually claimed that this game was written by tier 1 operators. that term refers to commanders involved in sensitive operations. in this case, the unit credited against the operation against osama bin laden last year. the pentagon to the word of this and is now sending letters of reprimand to navy s.e.a.l.s and cut their pay in half for two months. those kind of punishments could have long-term impacts on the careers of those s.e.a.l.s. the pentagon is upset about the s.e.a.l.s not asking for permission. all s.e.a.l.s apparently signed nondisclosure agreements. and they were shown something unique to that greet. and then the admiral said we do
8:36 am
not tolerate deviations from the policies that govern who we and what we do as sailors in the navy. we asked people what they thought about the controversy? >> i don't know if there is a great security risk. but -- they still agree to play by the rules. i think -- it's sad and it's unfortunate and -- but it's part of the grame. >> reporter: part of being in the -- of the game. >> reporter: part of being in the military. i'm really not that concerned. it would be different if they were exposing something that was a real threat to our security. but, you know, i think it's -- it's a video game. what's the harm that's really gonna be done? >> reporter: now, the punishments over this game come in the midst of other classified controversy when you talk about that bin laden operation. you may remember, even the white house was accused at one point of improperly releasing
8:37 am
information about the raid. a pentagon s.e.a.l. that wrote a book, they say, contained nonclassified information. and then there's this movie coming out. but the government was actually involved in that project so apparently it's not a question of whether information comes out but whether it comes out through the proper channels. live here in redwood city, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:36. authorities in mountain view say they discovered a rare kind of drug lab during a raid. parents -- wants were served yesterday -- warrant wants were served yesterday -- wants were served yesterday -- warrants were served yesterday. authorities seized heroin, menaged marijuana and weapons -- meth, marijuana and guns.
8:38 am
police are asking questions about how a man was fatally injured the giants's celebration. he came -- giants' celebration. he came home with a head injury. police say it's also possible that moffet may have been doing somersaults on one of the mattresses on haight street and could have hurt himself. police say he refused medical help. his roommate says that doesn't make sense. >> he looked like he had been in a scuffle. the knot was at the base of the skull. it was about the size of an egg. it was pretty big. i was surprised that the paramedics let him go. >> reporter: a few days after the injury and moffet felt worse and went to the hospital. police are investigating his death as suspicious. if you have any information, call san francisco police. san francisco's universal health care program is being expanding -- deak -- is being expanded to include sex change
8:39 am
operations. the new program will cover the cost of reassignment surgery if it is medically necessary. the transgender health initiative should be established by late next year. 8:38. sal, you can you help the -- sal, can you help the folks on 880 this. >> we're trying to. we're looking at some of the commutes. they are a little better than they were. we had an earlier accident on 880. at least the crash near high street has been removed. some slow traffic there. approaching the toll plaza. i think you will like what you see. it's very light going up to the toll plaza. that commute looks like it's over unless something happens. in the santa clara valley, we've been better than usual. northbound 101 slow from mckee up to sunnyvale. look at this map. not a lot of activity. let's go to rosemary. good morning. hello sunshine! we have clouds out there but plenty of sunshine and blue skies. but we are awfully chilly out
8:40 am
there. it's a wintery chill. for the most part we're mainly dry. we do have a few cells popping up off the coastline. we'll remain with unsettled weather for today. even if you have the sunshine out your door, you can see the clouds redevelop in the possibility of a spotty shower or two in the forecast. calm conditions in most parts but temperatures really, really cold in some cases. 39 in napa. 39 in santa rosa. this is an improvement from a few hours ago. but still struggling to get out of the 30s over parts of the north bay valley locations. mostly cloudy skies in the overnight hours allowed for all of that surface heat to really flee and head back into space. 43 in concord. 45 in livermore. 47, san jose. widespread 40s reported around the bay area, down into the south bay, inland. take a look at the satellite radar. you can see the cold pool of unstable air now centered over california and this is gonna be the call for today. it will shift east. it will take all day to do so. that will leave the possibility
8:41 am
of scattered showers mixed in between the sunshine and winter weather advisories. lasting through the sore. this is for the west slope. they've been tracking this. the winter weather advisory for lake tahoe will last until 4:00 this afternoon. here at home, we'll leave showers in the forecast for today. maybe even the possibility of a thunderstorm. the afternoon highs, cool, upper 50s and low 60s. 58 santa rosa, 59 in kentfield. the east bayshoreline, 58 for alameda. 60 in hayward. low 60s wall night creek -- walnut creek. 60 degrees for sunnyvale and the peninsula, one last stop here. 59 san bruno. 57 in san francisco. waking up with partly cloudy mostly clear skies. it's a cool one for you throughout the day. your extended forecast, tomorrow morning gonna be a very cold start if you have a young one playing soccer in the
8:42 am
morning. we're talking 30s. we will be slightly warmer into the afternoon. upper 50s low 60s with dry conditions. frost will become a concern on sunday morning. partly cloudy skies for your monday, the rain returns on tuesday. back to you. >> all right. thank you, rosemary. 19 minutes before 9:00. a new development in the case of that jetblue pilot who kind of went crazy in the middle of a flight, ran through the cabin screaming about terrorists. why he's now being released. >> reporter: we're live in san jose where hundreds of people camped out overnight in the cold and the rain. there's still -- they are still waiting to get something important for their children. we'll tell you what that is when "mornings on 2" continues.
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8:45 am
stocks posting some modest gains after two days of steep declines. investors are worried that washington won't act in time to avoid spending cuts and tax increases. john boehner just suggested that a one-year delay. taking a live look at big board -- all right. time is 8:a. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you right now.
8:46 am
yeah, we had freezing rain and hail quite. it caused a lot of traffic problems -- overnight. it caused a lot of traffic problems. a car in fremont spun out, smashed into a median on interstate 880, then an suv crashed into the first car. the driver of that car was in critical condition. well, this morning at 10:05, president obama will speak, his first address since being relengthed. he will be calling on congress to take action before the end of the year to avoid what is called a fiscal cliff. automatic tax hikes and massive budget cuts. hundreds of people camped out in the sacred heard community center looking for help for the holiday season. ktvu's janine de la vega is in san jose. you've been out there since 4:30. how will they be helped this time, janine? >> reporter: well, the families here will be getting toys and food boxes.
8:47 am
you can see here this line behind me. it's been moving slowly for the past half-hour. people are happy it's been moving period. they've been camped out overnight. they are all waiting to register for the holiday giveaway. hundreds of people waited in line this morning on alma near first street. some have been waiting since 11:00 yesterday morning. overnight people stayed in tents others drived it with an umbrella while it rained. but at 7:0, the doors opened and volunteers started to register this family to receive food boxes and toys for the holidays. many are relieved because they are struggle to -- struggling to make ends meet. >> i can't even imagine how it would be. it would probably be pretty drastic. i don't know. if it wasn't for sacred hear, i don't know how we -- sacred heart, i don't know how we could have gotten groceries.
8:48 am
my husband did not work last year, not even a day through the whole year. >> reporter: sacred heart expects to give 4,000 families holiday food boxes but a spokesperson said at this point, they only have four frozen turkeys in their refrigerator and they two really appreciate more donations. they are looking for food donations, toy donations and money is always helpful as well. if you would like to donate go to our website at click on web links. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. it's 8:48. a jetblue pilot caught on video disrupting a flight in midair has been found not guilty by reason of insanity. a federal judge in texas this morning ruled that clayton osbon should be released during a flight from new york to las vegas last month. he ran through the cabin screaming about terrorists and telling passengers to say their
8:49 am
prayers because the plane was going down. he was charged with interfering with a flight crew. a doctor testified that he had a brief psychotic disorder brought on by a lack of sleep. he has not announced whether he will try to fly again. antioch police are investigating a deadly shooting overnight. they say a 44-year-old man was shot in front of a home on west 1th street at 8:30 last night. he managed to check himself into a hospital. but he died a short time later. no arrests have been made. anyone with information about the shooting should contact police. 8:49. in fremont, there is a warning for parents. police are out there searching for a suspicious man approach -- accused of approaching a female student. police say the student from kennedy high school told them the man offered her a ride five different times in the past month. the latest incident happened wednesday right near brier elementary school. police say the man was last seen in a suburban like suv, it had a roof rack. if you have any information
8:50 am
about this call fremont police. oakland police are out there looking for a man who they say tried to kidnap a 14-year-old girl. take a look at the sketch. this is the suspect. investigators say he tried to pull the girl into a waiting truck on 103rd avenue. she was able to get away and she ran home. now, that truck described as a newer model red dodge ram pickup. police are also looking for another man driving the truck. they say they don't have a sketch of him just yet. city council candidate in -- a city council in kentucky learned every vote counts. he finished in a dead heat for the walton city council. both had 669 votes. mc donald says he might have won if his wife katie voted. she did not make it because she works the overnight shift and missed the polls. >> she says, you have got to be
8:51 am
kidding me. she could tell by the look on my face what it was. yeah. should have woke you up. >> the fate now depends on the coin toss. measure t would allow more flexibility for development on unused lots in west berkeley. it was losing narrowly on election night and in an update on wednesday. but it's now leading 16,640 to 16,639 votes. that's just one vote ahead and these are not the final results. there are still vote-by-mail and provisional ballots to be counted. believe it or not in florida, they are still counting vets from tuesday's election. but mitt romney's top campaign official in florida says president obama will win florida. he leads romney, 49.9%. to 49.3%. the romney campaign m florida says they only expect the
8:52 am
president's lead to grow in florida as more of those basilicaots are counted. the president won without the 29 electoral votes. here in california, with the passage of prop 30 on tuesday. schools are scrambling to readjust their butth -- readjust their budgets. public school will get $14.4 billion more than they would have if the measure failed. high-earning californians will have to recalculate their budgets. under prop 30, people who earn more than $250,000 a year. you will be paying more income taxes. that's retroactive to the start this year. starting january 1st, everyone will have to start paying .25 in sales tax. eight minutes before 9:00. a shocking robbery in london caught on video. what the robbers did after riding motorcycles up and down a shopping center. we're lightning looking
8:53 am
outside on the roads -- we're looking outside on the roads. sal is coming back for a look at the roads, including 880. every time someone chooses finish over cascade, it sparks a movement. because people can't keep it to themselves. look ! no ugly spots ! awesome! incredible shine. i'm switching for good. love, love, love finish! over a million people have switched to finish.
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8:55. in london, a ban of robbers pull the off a daring caper. this is video of six robbers. they are riding motorcycles inside a shopping center. they stunned shoppers and then they got off their bikes with bats and axes and robbed a jewelry store.
8:56 am
london police found the motorcycles abandoned a few miles away. but there were no signs of the robbers. a man was critically injured in sonoma county after a tree fell on him. 33-year-old jared lasstick was in the process of moving a large redwood tree. the tree was on a crane when it snapped in half and fell on top of him. he was rushed to the hospital. cal/osha is investigating the accident. 8:55. happening right now, here is a live picture, highway 50 and myers. that's a lot of snow. it's been snowing for several hours. highway 50 is a major route to south lake tahoe -- route -- to south lake tahoe. if you plan to go up there, chains are required. caltrans says four-wheel drive vehicles and snow tires, they are the only exceptions. and for the most up to the date weather information including -- most-up to the
8:57 am
date weather information you can get the latest on mobile and on our website as well. want to check in again with sal. it's still pretty slow on 880. >> it is. we had earlier problems maybe to blame and just people driving on it right now. you can see how slow it is driving up north to the downtown oakland area. you might consider using 5 0 which is slightly but not much better. looking around at the toll plaza. i think -- i think you will like what you see here. i want to show you -- i want to show you the maps. northbound 101 is slow but 280 and 85 are decent alternates. now at 8:57 let's go to rosemary. we are with lingering showers. the big story may just be how cold it is out there. 30s and 40s. looking into the weekend it will be a cool one behind the storm, the cold air will settle in. it could be frosty by sunday
8:58 am
morning. widespread 30s in the forecast. upper 30s and 40s. >> what a change. it was 81 a couple of days ago. >> i know. >> thank you, rosemary. >> you are welcome. that's our report for morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> and be sure to check in to ktvu at 10:00 a.m. the president will address how to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. thank you for joining us.
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